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Hi, my name is Sinja Anna

and I am the founder of The Amaram Café.


In 2016

my research in the field of meditation 

brought me to India.

This is where I met a knowledge 

that profoundly changed my understanding of reality.

Ever since I witnessed how 

immensely expanded our vision can be, 

I have been inspired to find ways 

to share both the practice of meditation 

and the inquiry into the true essence of life.

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After my second visit to India

I had the opportunity to speak at a TEDx event about what it was that I had been so inspired by.

For the first time I could share publicly 

what I had been pondering and observing ~ and the response was amazing! I saw how great the interest in meditation was and how open people were to questioning and reevaluating the paradigms that we have learned to accept in our modern world.

Over the last 5 years

I have been spending a lot of time in India 

studying the functioning of the mind 

and the nature of pure consciousness.

Talking to hundreds of openhearted, 

open-minded people, I have been blessed to share 

in the beauty and delight that is 

the true essence and purpose of this life.

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Spending most of this year in lock-down and isolation, the wish to share the freedom and joy 

that comes with being able to see beyond 

the mind's limited reality 

has been growing in my heart. 

With lots of time and inspiration on my hands 

and my laptop in my lap, I decided to honor 

this time of change and turmoil 

as the great revelation that it can be, and so...

The Amaram Café was born!

A space of absolute freedom & love,

of recognizing and realizing 

knowledge in its purest form.


The Amaram Café is a space

...for inspiration to grow

...for brilliance to flow

...for love to unfold

...for freedom to behold

- itself.

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©2023 Amaram Café

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