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Welcome to

The Amaram Café

Offering a new perspective on, well, everything...

At our Meditation Potlucks here,

we celebrate the realization of the absolute perfection

that becomes obvious when one leads the mind back to its source,

the space of pure awareness.

Our Specials:

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Events & Potlucks


Living a life free from the limitations of the mind.

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Why Meditation?


Watch my TEDx talk about the power of meditation here.


Meditation Buffet


Explore the joyful vision

of Pure Awareness.

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Events & Potlucks

No upcoming events at the moment

At our Events & Potlucks we create a safe space

for everyone to bring their own goodies to the table.


We share, we explore, we meditate.

We Zoom. Every week.

All insights, inspirations, struggles, and questions are welcome!


Meditation Buffet

"I'm inspired by the ease and beauty of the guided meditations. I'm able to directly integrate aspects of them in my professional work at a psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic."

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Amrit Lal, Germany

Medical Doctor and Psychosomatic Therapist

"Sinja's gentle presence and wisdom touched my heart.

Her meditations are perfect for a break from the chaos that surrounds us at this time."

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Karrie, USA

Trauma and Addiction Counselor

"Meditating with Sinja brings me so much joy and love. She shares amazing, beautiful insights, singing out the truth of our soul. Thank you, for sharing your light with the world."

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Chelsea, USA/Austria

Content Manager and Blogger

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"Through meditation one learns that the normal waking state of consciousness 

can no longer be, by any means,

the standard of judging

the nature of all things."

Swami Shyam
Valley of Gods, Himalayas

Just sit down, close your eyes, and enjoy the taste of... Bliss.

Meditation has amazing effects on your body and mind,
and it has the potential to completely transform your life experience. 
So why delay?

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Dear Visitor,

we love to spread the inspiration that emerges

in the depth and freedom of the meditation

and satsang (Self inquiry) that we share.

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