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The Amaram Café

Discover Meditation - the Space of Peace within You

Meditation and sincere Self-inquiry open the door to a life of inspiration,

strength,  and inner fulfilment.

And what's better than to do that in the company of like hearted people?

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Neuer Kurs auf Deutsch:

66 Tage bei Dir sein
Meditations- & Transformationskurs

Starte zum Sommeranfang mit uns eine Reise, die das Potential hat,

Dein Leben nachhaltig zu verändern.

Lerne Dich in den täglichen angeleiteten Meditationen nochmal ganz neu kennen.

Entdecke in Dir einen Raum des Friedens, der Zufriedenheit, der es Dir ermöglicht, Dir selbst und den Menschen um Dich herum mit Liebe und mit Nachsichtigkeit zu begegnen . . . 

Mach Dir selbst das Geschenk des bei Dir Seins.

Achtung: Da wir auf eine neue Plattform umgezogen sind wird sich die Anmeldeseite nochmal in einem neuen Fenster öffnen.

  • Begib dich in Gemeinschaft von Gleichgesinnten auf eine Reise zu Dir selbst . . .

  • Angeleitet wird der Kurs von mir, Sinja, zusammen mit Uwe, der dieses Projekt auf viele Weisen unterstützt und überhaupt möglich gemacht hat 

  • Lerne meditieren, lerne dich selbst zu regulieren und lerne vor allem Dir selbst mit Liebe zu begegnen

  • Du erhältst 66 Tage lang täglich angeleitete Meditationen von 10 - 15 Minuten

  • Wir treffen uns mit allen Teilnehmenden, die Zeit und Lust haben, Sonntagmorgens auf Zoom, wo alle Fragen und Inspirationen Platz finden

  • Unser erstes Treffen findet am 23. Juni 2024 statt, mit den Meditationen starten wir am 24. Juni 2024

  • Kosten: 99 Euro - und dein Feedback :)  

Details zum Kurs

Achtung: Da wir auf eine neue Plattform umgezogen sind wird sich die Anmeldeseite nochmal in einem neuen Fenster öffnen.

"I'm inspired by the ease and beauty of the guided meditations. I'm able to directly integrate aspects of them in my professional work at a psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic."

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Amrit Lal, Germany

Medical Doctor and Psychosomatic Therapist

"Sinja's gentle presence and wisdom touched my heart.

Her meditations are perfect for a break from the chaos that surrounds us at this time."

Karrie Crop.jpg

Karrie, USA

Trauma and Addiction Counselor

"Meditating with Sinja brings me so much joy and love. She shares amazing, beautiful insights, singing out the truth of our soul. Thank you, for sharing your light with the world."

Chelsea Love (2).png

Chelsea, USA/Austria

Content Manager and Blogger

Meditation Offerings

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66 Tage


Ein Meditations- und


auf Deutsch.

Start: 17. März 2024

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Food for thought


Find a selection of meditations, songs, interviews, and satsang / Self inquiry.

InspirationSinja Anna Baumann
00:00 / 13:17
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guided meditations, from me for you.

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Watch my TEDx talk below to learn more
about the transformative power of meditation:

Hi, my name is Sinja Anna

and I am the founder of The Amaram Café.


In 2016

my research in the field of meditation 

brought me to India.

This is where I encountered a knowledge that profoundly changed my understanding of reality.

Ever since I witnessed how immensely expanded

our vision can be, I have been inspired to find ways 

to share both the practice of meditation 

and the inquiry into the real essence of life.

sinsi swami.jpeg

After my second visit to India

sinsi tedx.png

I had the opportunity to speak at a TEDx event 

about the power of meditation.

For the first time I could share publicly 

what I had been studying and observing...

and the response was amazing!

I saw how great the interest in meditation was and how open people were to questioning and reevaluating the paradigms that we have learned to accept in our modern world.

Over the last 8 years

I have been spending a lot of time in India 

studying the functioning of the mind 

and the nature of pure consciousness.

Talking to hundreds of openhearted, 

open-minded people,

I have been lucky to share in and continuously deepen my understanding of

the essence and purpose of this life.


In 2020,

sinsi medi.jpeg

while spending most of the year in lock-down and isolation, the wish to share the peace and the joy, 

that comes with being able to see beyond 

the mind's limited reality, grew in me. 

With lots of time and inspiration on my hands 

and my laptop in my lap, I decided to honor 

this time of change and turmoil 

as the great revelation that it could be, and so...

The Amaram Café was born!

A space for meditation, revelation, authentic expression,

and deep connection...

a doorway to meeting ourselves

& each other in a completely new way.


Sit down, close your eyes, and enjoy the taste of... Peace.

Meditation has amazing effects on your body and mind,
and it has the potential to completely transform your life experience. 
So why delay?

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Amaram Space.png
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The Amaram Café is a space

...for peace to grow

...for inspiration to flow

...for love to unfold

...for freedom to behold

- itself.

Dear Visitor,

I love to spread the inspiration that emerges in the depth and freedom of the meditation and satsang (Self inquiry) that we share.

If you feel inspired to contribute to my work and support the Amaram Café

you can do so by clicking the envelope below:

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